Team Building Event for Bowmer & Kirkland in York


Team Building Event for Bowmer & Kirkland in York - 10-Feb-2015

...having lots to achieve over the 2 days required focus, momentum and energy; I wasn’t disappointed.

The team worked hard on the morning of Day one to create a team Vision Statement, a long term & shorter term goals around cash profitability, agreed ways of behaving with each other and their clients in the form of “values and principles” and finally clarity around their responsibilities and competencies required as a team.

In developing their plans they had clarified the “Why?” behind their activity, they had ensured that they were “Willing” to progress towards their vision, and checked that they were “Able” to do so effectively.

It’s critical that they all embrace and take forward their hard-work; their first opportunity to do so was during the “Elite Performing Team” tasks. At Vigour we had set them eleven challenges to achieve over 21 hours until 11am the next day. How they went about doing so was entirely down to them. The tasks were wide and varied, some open to interpretation. Observing the team they quickly assigned roles and delegated responsibilities. Some teams set off into the city of York whilst others remained at the hotel and set to work on some research activity.

There were mainly highlights, to name a couple, 2 team members went live on air on BBC Radio York and the entire team were on stage for a photograph at York’s Theatre Royal just ahead of the penultimate performance of “Old Mother Goose”. What was most impressive was how the team truly adopted their values. They pushed themselves in terms of quality, never “making-do” with anything. They were also great ambassadors for B&K when out and about working hard for each other, with the York general public, and the achievement of the tasks.

The final part of the event was to start and develop some concrete actions in connection with their earlier work around mission, goals, values, principles, responsibilities and competencies. Some actions were for everyone, others were assigned to a project lead to develop further within the team and wider business.

Did we deliver against our objectives for the 2 days? Absolutely. The impact of the 2 days? Over to you B&K South Midlands QS team – you’ve all demonstrated how you can work effectively with a smile on your faces. Focus on what you achieved in the 2 days and carry this forward in your day to day work – remind each other on a regular basis of what you agreed and work on those actions.

A hugely rewarding event to facilitate. Deliver & Enjoy Profitably!


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