Leadership Essentials in Cumbria & the Midlands


Leadership Essentials in Cumbria & the Midlands - 22-Jan-2014

The Arran Isle Group is a world leader in the marketing and distribution of architectural ironmongery.    It's key UK organisations include Carlisle Brass, Mila Hardware and Windowware.   During the summer and autumn of 2013 Vigour delivered a four day workshop to three groups of leaders across the organisation. 

Delivered at their local office sites across the UK, the workshop, branded "Leadership Essentials" was designed to fit with the group's competency framework.   Content included a number of key topics :-

  • Motivation approaches in the workplace
  • Giving effective, constructive feedback
  • Managing & leading change
  • Managing conflict
  • Creating a team strategy, a team culture and defining team responsibilities
  • Delegation
  • Adaptive leadership style
  • Giving praise

Delegates left with action plans which, coupled with management follow up and remote support from Vigour, increased the focus on skills transfer in to the workplace.

Plans for a 2014 group are underway, plus the bespoke design for the Arran Isle Group's Leadership Essentials 2 workshops.


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